Letters to the Editor

August 9, 2014

Stand up for our nation

Well, I hope everyone is paying attention to what our untrustworthy government is going to do with the influx of illegals. Our government knew this was happening and has done nothing to stop it. These people come from everywhere without -- I repeat, without -- immunizations and will bring in diseases and many other problems. Childhood diseases had been wonderfully eradicated from our country. So now we will be supporting them.

Please don't think that President Obama will send them all back. Legislation being pushed by the Demo-crats for so-called reform will vastly expand job opportunities for immigrants at the expense of American-born workers. The Republicans know that is what will happen. This president is the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Start calling and writing your representatives and give them an earful. We need to stand up like those groups in California. They will probably be sending these people all over the country in the next weeks, and then accidentally lose track of them.

Betty Homyer

Granite City

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