Letters to the Editor

August 9, 2014

Have Republicans learned?

I wish everyone, including the Madison County oracles who write the BND, would consider what they are really saying in their criticism of President Obama.

I think they simply don't recognize that he is the president, not in spite of Republican efforts but because of them.

After years of wasted lives and money on the war in Iraq, over what appears to have been paranoia over weapons of mass destruction, the American public, including many Republicans, simply wanted no more war and no more fiscal malfeasance.

Yes, President Bush was in charge when the economy tanked and yes, he is still responsible for it.

When the Republicans had a chance to change direction, they instead nominated John McCain, another loose cannon who would bomb first and ask questions later. In their second chance, Mitt Romney blew it when he denigrated the 47 percent.

Barack Obama offered hope and change to a lot more people who depend upon collective bargaining than those who depend upon the stock market, especially military stocks.

If the Republicans do not choose to pay more attention to the issues of the middle class, they will again be eaten alive by Hillary Clinton or someone else.

Joseph M. Reichert


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