Letters to the Editor

August 6, 2014

God is on Israel's side

The God of Israel will use the Israeli Defense Forces to defeat the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. All the promised land of Israel is the Abraham Blessing and belongs to Israel.

For more than 3,000 years, Israel has been fighting the Philistine spirit in Gaza. Samson killed 1,000 Philistines in Gaza with the jawbone of an ass with the help of God.

Hamas terrorists started shooting missiles at the people of Israel first instead of the Israeli military. The Hamas terrorists use the Palestinian hospitals, homes, schools and mosques to hide their missiles. The Hamas terrorists use the Palestinian people as human shields to blame Israel for their deaths.

The Palestinian people need to wake up and realize Hamas does not care about them. They will get themselves killed for their terrorist war with Israel in Gaza.

Israel warns the Palestinian people to leave the places they attack in battle. Israel only attacks the Hamas terrorists, not the Palestinian people. Israel is defending its people and protecting all of the Abraham Blessing promised land from the Hamas terrorists.

George Culley


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