Letters to the Editor

August 11, 2014

We need a government for the people

When we make our remarks about the officials in government, that does not make us terrorists. It's the other way around; government has become the terrorists.

No need for phone calls without identifying yourself and questions about our being, that is blackmail. Just because we make ourselves known is no reason to accuse us of being a threat to the officials. A puny excuse on your part.

If you must be frightened it has to be what you are doing to yourself. Get over that trip and fly right. We are the ones paying your way. Serve us with decency, dignity and respect. We have a right to our pens.

There are plenty of honest people out here, with opinions and our right to communicate. That is our only armor with God at the helm.

We just need a government for the people. One nation under God.

Betty Storll


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