Letters to the Editor

August 12, 2014

Fewer orders, more impact

An editorial in a recent Washington Post criticized President Obama for acting outside of his authority and stated that if he circumvents the existing laws concerning immigration and border control, he will be in violation of the Constitution. He claims he has signed fewer Executive Orders than previous presidents, but he fails to point out the impact of his Executive Orders. He made two significant changes to the Affordable Care Act and one order changed existing border security laws. There is a difference between an Executive Order signed by President George Bush that approves continuity of government for the Department of Agriculture and another Executive Order signed by President Obama that fundamentally changes legislation passed by the Congress and signed by him. Even Jonathan Turley, a noted Harvard law professor who voted for Obama, has criticized his use of extraordinary executive power beyond what is allowed by the Constitution. Perhaps the President should brush up on his Constitutional Law courses. Lawless? You decide.

Phil Henning


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