Letters to the Editor

August 13, 2014

What's the $1.37 for?

A question for Secretary of State Jesse White. I went to the Illinois license station in Edwardsville to get my new 2015 sticker, not plates. I paid $102.37 for it. As I looked over the receipt, it said $101 for sticker, $1.37 fee. I have a question. Why is there a fee for buying my tag when the lady who sold me the tag is being paid by me also. How does the Illinois Secretary of State justify this fee? Either the service provided by the Illinois Secretary of State is paid for or the people in his office is only getting paid for by the fees charged by the help. It surely isn't double dipping is it? Yes I would like an answer, but I doubt I'll get it. Even so, the answer will be it was the Legislature, not me. I guess the fees goes to support those heavyweights in St. Clair County for grants. I have a word on that, too. Move the mail box farther from the couch.

Charles V. Lyerla


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