Letters to the Editor

August 17, 2014

No tall tales here

I see that the Belleville News-Democrat is still a bastion of misinformation. In the Aug. 9, edition it shows a fisherman at Belleville's Bicentennial Park. The article states that the property was once owned by the "now defunct Belleville Angler's Club."

Here is the problem, the property was not owned by the "Belleville Angler's Club," it was owned by "The St. Clair County Anglers Association, Inc." which was commonly referred to as the "Anglers' Club." The property was not in Belleville when the Anglers' owned it, it was in the county, the city limit was at the edge of the property.

The fishing club was started in 1943 and grew to a large organization before enrollment declined. In the mid 1990s the 21st Street property was sold to a local contractor for less than $200,000 because the club could no longer afford to maintain that large facility. The 21st Street property declined under the new ownership. A few years ago the enterprising owner sold the derelict property to the city of Belleville for $1,000,000, a shrewd deal for him. How much more did it cost Belleville taxpayers?

The St. Clair County Anglers Association, Inc. relocated their headquarters to their Roachtown lake property, constructing a maintenance building and a smaller meeting hall with offices and other facilities.

After reading the article, I checked with a current member and he said that the "Angler's Club" still exists and I could go fishing there as his guest.

Joseph E. Obernuefemann


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