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August 18, 2014

Sound-off: 8/18/14

Road work holdup

To the family holding up construction on Frank Scott Parkway: get over your greed. You are holding up $3 million in road work and making life difficult for a lot of people.

World affairs

Putin of Russia keeps showing the whole world how weak President Obama is. No wonder the country has lost confidence in President Obama.

More are guilty

For all law enforcement officers, you all take an oath to protect, serve and uphold the laws of the land. Unfortunately in St. Clair County this means protecting the Democratic Party and its family and friends. This O'Malley story will come to a horrible end with this girl killing herself or more likely some innocent citizen. The real blame lies with those who enable her to continue her lifestyle, and neglect their duties to the general public. They are as guilty as the O'Malley girl.

Schools, a sorry state

As a realtor I want to address this letter to our lawmakers in Illinois. Get your fiscal act together, quit holding back money from your schools. What creates demands in a neighborhood? Good schools, this is the first thing on the home buyer's list, behind the type of house they want. They want a good home in a good school district. The states shouldn't be behind in any bills and the schools should be the last to be stiffed. The politicians raised the state income tax but still passed the budget that spent more money than it took in. Ruin your schools, ruin your state.

Medically unsafe?

Our kids born and raised in this country can not go to school if they don't have the proof of correct inoculations. Now we are allowing all these immigrants, who probably have never seen a doctor, into our country, with no medical records.

Traffic help

I came by the fairgrounds, amazing how people are trying to get across the highway when the security forces are all sitting and not doing a darned thing when they could be directing traffic.

More accountability

If we are going to hold students responsible for their actions by expelling them, shouldn't we hold teachers accountable for their incompetence? Schools in this country are not even in the top 20 in relation to the rest of the civilized world. When was the last time you heard of a teacher fired? Instead they blame a lack of resources, poor, poor excuses.

Hypocrisy at home

I wonder how many of the homeowners against the home for the disabled go to church every Sunday? This Christian hypocrisy is why I am an agnostic.

Bradford too laid back

The Rams will pay Sam Bradford $17 million, and he's known as a soft quarterback. That's an insult for any quarterback. This is his fifth year, I don't see him talking to his team mates, he seems into be into himself, he doesn't interact in a competitive way with the players; he needs to be more competitive. He doesn't show a competitive personality. Also, football is an emotional game, he seems too laid back. Look at Tom Brady, the opposite of Sam Bradford. Rams should win maybe 7 games.

Welcome, homeless?

The Recovery Support Center sounds great, until all the homeless show up for the shower, laundry and day room. They really should rethink the "no medical referral is necessary" to ensure only valid mental health persons are assisted.

Take truant benefits

For the parents who are charged for not sending their children to school, cut off any assistance they are receiving until their kids are attending school on a regular basis.

Share the abundance

Need a food pantry? Then call your city hall, township or any church. They'll know locations. Just because "Food Pantry" isn't listed in the phone book's yellow pages, doesn't mean you can't find one for your overabundance of garden produce.

Hamas causes pain

The terrorist Islamic militant group Hamas has caused all the turmoil for the Palestinians and the Israelis. Too bad the Palestinians can't root Hamas out and end their misery.

Things looking up

Wow. I watched the Fairview Heights Parade. Something really has changed. Many, many Republican walkers and most remarkable is that there were more blacks walking with the GOP than with the Democrats. If the people have finally woken up to the ineptitude of the St. Clair County rulers, things may actually be looking up.

Rights work both ways

While Tony Paulauski says it is a civil right for the disabled to live in a community setting Judge Aspen recently ruled that it is a federal right for the disabled to live in larger facilities, state centers, ICF-DD's or other living arrangements. The Murray Parents' Association has been fighting for years to prevent discrimination against all the disabled: those who want to live in a smaller setting to those who choose a larger facility. These rights work both ways. Advocates who don't know our loved ones' needs should not be attempting to take away their federal rights.

Fresh choices, please

Isn't it time to get some new names in the readers' choice awards? There are many fine individuals and businesses in the metro-east who do not appear in the popularity contest, yet mostly the same names and faces appear each year. Why not make the previous winners ineligible for the next year's contest?

Moving on...

At the west-end meeting a couple of weeks ago it was stated that people from the apartment complex on 77th and Main had been evicted. I find this to be true because I see new faces at the apartments at the end of South 76th. Thanks a lot.

Children held hostage

So the Highland teachers, and other metro-east educators, now that they've had their summer of fun vacations traveling all over America and abroad, now want to hold our children hostage again to get more money for next year's vacations. I'm sick of it. Why not cut the administration department down across the whole southern part of Illinois, maybe all of Illinois. Get rid of half of the superintendents and others that are making ridiculously overpaid salaries. We won't have to hold our children hostage each year.

Come back for more

A sarcastic thank-you to the individuals who helped themselves to the ladders, power tools, the hand tools and garden tools from my garage and my shed. I now invite you back to try for their replacements. I really need to test my new security system and I'd like to introduce you to Ruger, my 9 millimeter with laser.

No action by authority

I know that Stookey Township has an agreement with Illinois American Water Co. to shut off customers' water if they do not pay their sewer bills that are delinquent. The township has this authority to do this. Why are they not acting on this? Why should the township carry hundreds of customers owing thousands of dollars? This is not fair to the customers who pay their bills.

You missed a spot...

To the Cahokia Street Department: I see you drove down into the St. Louis Garden and fixed the bumps going down the boulevard. How about spreading it out and fixing some of the other streets? Fix the corner of Flaven and Clement and Flaven and St. Bruno. Lazy, can't fix all the holes in the subdivision? Rather than just the ones on St. Patrick Boulevard? How about completing your job?

Office still standing

Do you remember Treasurer Dean Hart pledging to abolish the office if he won? It's been almost 16 months now. With no treasurer's salary maybe we could afford to fund another police officer without using the sales tax to hire them. Now if he decides to run for mayor one day, shouldn't he learn to keep his promises?

Where's the outrage?

Concerning the rioting and the young man shot by the policemen in St. Louis. This is for the hypocritical black community. A recent murder, when a black man murdered his own defenseless unarmed grandmother. Where was your outrage there? Where was Al Sharpton then? You people do not make any sense. You have your own problems in your own back yard, and sit by and do nothing. Shame on all the black leaders and all the Ferguson residents participating in this bull.

Inconsistent support

Obama issued a statement, concerning the death of Michael Brown in Missouri. Why does he do it when a black man is killed? Why not when the white girl from St. Louis University was killed by a black man just to steal her cell phone. I don't remember a statement then. Where are all the supporters when it's white people that get killed? We only support black people when they get killed? It's racism, period.

Businesses are brave

I wouldn't blame any and all of those business to pull out of Ferguson. Why stay in a climate that there is disregard for personal property rights and personal injury. Those people have no ethics. They are nothing but thugs and animals.

Leg insurance

Thanks for the picture of the Rams Quarterback, Sam Bradford. He should have those legs insured. When you reach my age you are lucky to just look at God's artistic beauty and human form.

No need for license

Mitchell needs to step back, move to a town with transportation of buses, MetroLink, taxis, and find a job that he can get to without driving himself. His family and friends can step up to assist with his daughter's needs.

Just take the money

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the tragedy that was created around Matt Mitchell's traffic accident. Those people aren't hurt any more than anyone who has lost a child. Everybody didn't get $8 million form a state that doesn't have any money. Nobody else had memorial sign erected, paid for by the state. Let the guy have his license back and get on with life.

Imprison Mitchell

I hope Matt Mitchell, the former Illinois State police trooper, never gets his license back. I just wish he had been sent to prison where he belongs. Ask yourself if an ordinary citizen had been driving 126 miles an hour while he was texting his girlfriend or sending e-mails, how long would that person have been free before being sent to prison?

Grace under pressure

I witnessed the hostility directed at Greg Roosevelt at the Edwardsville School Board meeting. The level of anger and rabid vitriol was out of proportion with the alleged grievances of the speakers and approached psychotic. It was a shame that high school seniors attending had to witness the outrageous display by a few extremely rude people, some claiming to work at SIUE. If these are professors we are in bad shape. The community is fortunate to have Greg back on the board and that he is gracious enough to endure these undeserved insults.

Police report?

On Aug. 9 around two in the afternoon, a Belleville police car ran off the road and into a ditch on Freeburg Road. Why wasn't this and the cause of the incident reported to the BND? They used an ambulance to take him to the hospital and there were two fire trucks in attendance. Does anyone know?

Beautiful building

I don't know who the architect on the Lindenwood dorm was, but they deserve compliments. The building is beautiful and it complements the other buildings on campus.

Teach them peace

The picture in Tuesday's paper tells it all: Two sweet boys holding a protest sign. What are they being taught? Their faces are so sad and filled with pain. Those children should be playing or learning their ABC's so some day they can read the signs they are holding. Let's not teach hate and sadness.

Justice for all

I'm hoping the NAACP asks for justice for all the shop owners who had their businesses destroyed during the riots. They were innocent victims. For the good of the community I hope they are responsible enough to let the justice system do its job and not support another unruly demonstration.

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