Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2014

Obama fatigue will hurt party

A stimulus package that wasn't shovel ready and an Affordable Care Act (health insurance reform) that allows you to keep your health care plan and doctor but doesn't, nor is it affordable. Immigration reform pushed when current immigration laws aren't enforced. Scandals as Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, and the VA. The totality of this president's ineptitude is having the DNC fearful of what is coming November. The talking point is that the Republican leadership wants to impeach Obama. Really, after the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the backlash politically Republicans got for it? Three months to this mid-term and that is their strategy, when they have a chance to gain control of the Senate. Impeachment talk is nothing more than energizing the Democrat base and fundraising.

The economy collapsing under Bush, and including the distaste for Iraq, assisted Obama in getting elected with Democrats taking both chambers of Congress. The economic collapse under Hoover helped FDR to get elected but while the economy floundered in his sixth year, his party lost big time in that midterm. Just as then, now with the aforementioned and the Taliban gaining strength in Afghanistan, while the ISIS secures northern Iraq, the American people know the buck stops with Obama, he owns this all after six years. With two years left, the nation already has Obama fatigue.

This midterm is anti-incumbent and the Democrat Party will take a big hit, how big is the question.

Russell C. Fette


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