Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2014

Check out everything

Ed Hightower of District 7 stated on April 14 that the contract for the $1.3 million purchase of the church property in Edwardsville would be available at a "later date." When? This was bought to provide parking for the buses and staff at Columbus School in Edwardsville. This was also right after the school board approved an emergency bond of $6 million to cover the 2013-14 school year. This same board installed Mr. Roosevelt as a member to fill a vacancy. He lost his election to the board! Are there no other qualified people in the Edwardsville area? I think what is needed is common sense on the board and not professionals that will do whatever Mr. Hightower wants.

Everyone, please research every candidate in all elections. Check out every person on the ballot, whether it be federal, state or local. We don't need to repeat a government that does not listen to the voter or states "we will have to pass it to know what's in it." We deserve better for our hard-earned money!

Michael R. Hosto


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