Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2014

Ferguson could happen anywhere

I was taken aghast by the question on the front page of the Aug. 14 paper, "Could Ferguson happen here?" I cannot believe anyone would have any question, and must less any doubt, about that subject matter.

If a Belleville police officer shot a black man, even in a scuffle over a gun in which one would shoot the other, we would have the same reaction and uproar as in Sanford, Fla. or Ferguson, Mo. There would be demonstrations, street clashes, looting and who knows what all else? It would be no different here than elsewhere where it has made national news.

Racial profiling exists on both sides of the racial aisle. It is something that is going to get worse as time goes on. Anyone who would believe otherwise is not only stupidly naive, but totally ignorant of the norms and trends of today's society.

Frank B. Austin


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