Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2014

Say it ain't so

There has been cheating in baseball for as long as the game has existed.

Players today are still searching for an edge. They always will. Baseball wants you to believe that the cheating has stopped and it hasn't. People will always try a way to get stronger, faster and better than before. It is human nature to attempt to compete at a level never seen and sometimes a line is crossed and we step back.

Barry Bonds is a perfect example. He was the best player in the game before he decided to take a step into the unknown in 1999. What Bonds did on anabolic steroids was frightening. We will never see an offensive display in baseball like that again. Everything about it felt unnatural.

Steroids had jumped the shark.

Baseball is just on reboot, the juice is coming back in a form not known. From Greenies to Adderall from Anabolic Steroids to new daily HGH, times change but competition breeds this environment, and it always has and it always will.

Tony La Russa ignoring steroids doesn't bother me at all. We all did. Summer of 1998 is for me being 20 years old and loving every minute of it.

Baseball is far from perfect and I love it anyway.

Derek Dust


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