Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2014

Terrorize criminals daily

Now is the time for registered voters within the metro-east to contact their elected representatives and law enforcement departments and respectfully offer constructive criticism on their job performance. They do have websites, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. They could use your moral support and cooperation while fighting corruption and crime in your communities. This writer is a pedestrian on the streets and alleys of Belleville. The MetroLink bus and rail is my only alternative. I regularly witness drug dealers and addicts of all sorts going about their miserable business. I delight myself by making them feel paranoid and uncomfortable when I journey. They know my face, but alas I have no one watching my back and I am usually outnumbered and unarmed. It is showdown time with these vermin who are stealing and robbing the innocent people. Who's stalking who? Heroin, crack and meth dealers should be terrorized on a daily basis before they take over your neighborhoods. It is going to take fearless individuals to tell them to stop.

William Rainbolt


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