Letters to the Editor

August 19, 2014

Why not term limits?

This is an open letter to Jay Hoffman and James Clayborne. I would like for you to explain to the citizens of your districts why you believe that we should not be able to vote for limited terms for our elected officials. You and the rest of the democratic leadership in Chicag...er, I mean Springfield have consistently put forward the idea that we need these "experienced leaders" rather than bring in some who would not "understand" how the Legislature works. Are you serious? It takes exactly zero intelligence to spend millions more in taxes than this state brings in, but you seem to think that this can go on forever with no consequences. If and when some people with real guts take over the Legislature, I am sure that it will be you and those of your ilk who will be standing on the sidelines hollering about how "unfair" they are for bringing some sanity back to this miserably run state. The shame of it is that those who do change the system will be vilified and probably only serve one term.

John F. Kennedy wrote "Profiles in Courage" many years ago. It was one of my favorites and still is. Too bad the current crop of politicians probably haven't even heard of it. This book points out how real bravery and courage is displayed. It's like I have said for a long time; I didn't leave the democratic party, it left me!

Tom Gagen


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