Letters to the Editor

August 19, 2014

Educate, don't train athletes

Our public schools for decades have focused education on colleges, universities, and sports and athletic programs. When they should have included real alternative schools, such as vocational and service education. And most of all reading, writing and arithmetic.

Madison and St. Clair counties both had many opportunities to do just that. Starting with Lewis and Clark College and Southwestern Illinois College. Better yet they could have made a great vocational center out of the old Belleville West High School that they sold for one dollar.

Today Belleville East and West are going to install artificial turfs on both of their football fields for millions of tax dollars. Edwardsville District 7 is building an Olympic swimming pool, why? Mascoutah District is spending $30,000,000 on a school located at the far northwest corner of its district that it doesn't need, why?

I have always thought schools were for education, not for the National Football League, American league baseball, national, other sports and Olympics, future players.

Our educators need to stop financing Silicon Valley and get back to basics, using real teachers and letting them teach.

Do we really have to have a crisis every year on school funding or can we work together to find a better way of funding schools?

James E. Saffel Sr.


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