Letters to the Editor

August 26, 2014

Where was Republicans' concern before?

Letter writer Aimee DeGiovonni is concerned that some people are paying higher premiums with Obamacare. There was no concern or solution from any conservative when premiums nearly doubled during the Bush years. No concern for the 45 million uninsured and those being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. The only thing Republicans offered was lip service to the notion that we had the best health care in the world (if you were wealthy).

The individual mandate (Obamacare) was proposed by Republicans in the mid 1990s. When Mitt Romney implemented it in Massachusetts, in 2006, it was hailed by Republicans as being market based. Now they label it government run.

Letter writer H. Ray Sigler credits Republican spending cuts for the balanced budget of the '90s. Not one Republican voted for the 1993 tax increase, which increased revenues by more than the spending cuts by Republicans. It's a matter of record.

Letter writer Russell C. Fette partially blames the 2008 economic collapse on the Community Reinvestment Act and President Clinton, who was out of office for eight years. Republicans had complete control of government in 2005, when they weakened CRA regulations.

In 2004, President Bush's SEC chairman allowed leverage increases for the top five banks, sub-prime loans, leveraging, credit default swaps and mortgage fraud began to soar; FBI warnings about mortgage fraud went unheeded. After the crash, the "blame Clinton" crowd came crawling out.

Gene Robke


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