Letters to the Editor

September 4, 2014

Design starts with a creator

We all have to admit that whatever a person believes about the origins of the universe, there are unanswerable questions. Is believing there's a creator just religion or faith but believing in evolution is science?

Although we use science to study the evidence, no human was around to observe what happened and we can't duplicate the process. Both are belief systems (with huge ramifications). It's like a courtroom case. We look at what we consider to be evidence and draw conclusions. The evolution crowd has objected to certain evidence (anything supernatural) and declared it inadmissible. Disallowing crucial evidence precludes a correct verdict.

We live in a space-time existence. Anyone familiar with the concept of infinity knows that if time had no beginning, we would never get to where we are now. Something outside time, something eternal, had to have started time. Something cannot spontaneously appear out of nothing. Something beyond our understanding, something with unimaginable power, had to be the creator of substance.

Micro-evolution? Yes. Macro-evolution? No. If life began as a single cell, how did it reproduce? How did it digest food? Where did gender come from? How/when did plants and animals become distinct? How would systems like eyesight evolve? Explain the evolution of incredibly complicated, interdependent actions of enzymes and DNA for reproduction.

There are a plethora of holes in the theory of evolution. Where there's design, there's a designer. The evidence for a creator is everywhere if you have the eyes to see it. There is a God.

Stu Leach


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