Letters to the Editor

September 4, 2014

Agree to disagree with civility

I would like to thank Paul Neff for a well-written and civil rebuttal to my letter, "There is a God." He did not once use the tactics of letter writer Jim Walters and never once referred to the God I believe in as the "G-man," nor did he call the Bible a comic book and for that I am grateful.

Once a few years ago I got into a discussion with another letter writer to the Belleville News-Democrat about how we thought this wonderful universe we live in came about and it went on for quite a while. We talked back and forth using such things as the Cambrian Explosion, the Laws of Thermo Dynamics and Darwin vs Theory to make our opposing points.

After it was over I went away still believing in the creative powers of a supernatural being I call God and he went away still believing in the Darwin Theory as well as the Big Bang idea. So it would not do much of anything but bore the readers if we were to continue along those lines.

I kept my letter to Walters and those of his ilk as simple as possible in order that they could understand my point and just possibly give them something to consider other than their hate of those who think and believe differently from them.

Larry McClintick


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