About our changes at bnd.com

Question: Where is the best place to find breaking news?

Answer: Check the "Latest News" digest at the top of the home page for latest news.

Q: Why change?

A: Our main goal for the new design has been to make the site easier to use and less cluttered, while still providing all the information you expect to find. You should immediately notice that the site's speed has improved. And, the site is now designed to work well on your phone or tablet as well as your desktop computer. Just type "bnd.com" in the browser on your device.

Q: Am I going to get used to this only to have you change it again?

A: This is the first version of our new site, and we do expect to add features and enhancements in the weeks and months ahead.

Q: Will I need to register again?

A: No. Your existing username and password have been carried over to the new site.

Q: Where are the obituaries?

A: You can find a link to" Obituaries" in the blue bar near the top of the site.

Q: I can't find something because it's not where I'm used to seeing it. What do I do?

A: Go to the search window at the top of any page, and type in a key word for what you're looking for; it should appear in a listing of content with that key word in it. The search window is a great way to find content on our site.

Q. What are the primary sections of this new site?

A: As listed in the blue bar near the top, our primary sections are News, Sports, Business, Living, Entertainment, Opinion, Obituaries and Local Deals.

On your phone, you'll see three horizontal lines on the left of the nameplate. Tap on those and you'll see the primary sections. Tap on one of those and you'll see the subsections and blogs.

Q: I have my favorite sections or pages on your site bookmarked. Will those bookmarks still work?

A: Yes, they should. We did remove some redundant sections, so if you have a problem finding something, please check our Site Map, linked from the bottom of all the pages.

Q: Where did my favorite blog go?

A: Cheap Seats can be found here; Answer Man is here.

Q: How do I find what other people are reading?

A: A list of the "Trending Stories" of the day can be found on the home page, and on the right side of most other pages on the site.

Q: Where's the e-edition?

A: There's a link under "Home" in the blue bar; there's also a link at the bottom of the page under "Subscriptions" ("Digital Replica Edition").

Q. I’m a big fan of high school sports and the pro teams in St. Louis. Where is everything now?

A: It’s simple: Click on Sports in the blue bar near the top and you’ll get our sports pages, or look under Sports in the blue bar for specific sections. Many features you’ve enjoyed are still in place.

Q: How do I find photo galleries and video?

A: Our popular photo galleries will appear on the home page, as usual, under the heading "Top Photos." Videos and the galleries can also be found on their relevant sections - Sports, Metro-East News, etc.

Q: Can I still comment on articles?

A: Yes, the commenting function works the same as on the old site.

Q: I'm using an older browser. Will that make a difference in what the site looks like to me?

A: You'll have the best experience on our site by using Firefox 21 and above, Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome 27 and above and Safari 6.05 and above.

Q. When I try to get the rss feeds in Chrome, I get a page of code. What do I do?

A. Try Firefox or Safari, while we see what we need to do to get it to work in Chrome.

Q: I can click a Facebook "like" button on other sites, what about here?

A: Yes. When you are on a story page a Facebook "like" button is located just beneath the headline of the story. You can click there to "like" the story. If you wish to post the story to your Facebook page, you can click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the story itself, in the bar that says "Share this story."

You can reach our Facebook page by scrolling down on the right side of our home page until you see our Facebook link, or by clicking on the Facebook link under the "Stay Connected" bar at the bottom of pages on the site.

Q: How do I order a subscription to the newspaper?

A: To subscribe to the Belleville News Democrat, click on the "Subscribe" link in the upper left corner of any page on bnd.com. You can reach our Circulation department at 1-800-559-6378.

Q: How do I place a classified ad?

A: Place a classified ad by clicking on the "Place an Ad" link right under "Classifieds" in the blue navigation bar.

Q: How do I find classified ads?

A: Click the "Classifieds" link in the blue navigation bar on any page.

Q: Where can I send a letter to the editor?

A: Click on "Submit a letter" under the "Opinion" link to use the form to submit a letter to our editor.

Q: Where can I start or stop my newspaper subscription?

A: On the "Customer Service" page you will find links to manage your subscription. You can also reach our Circulation department at 1-800-559-6378.

Q: How do I make a suggestion, offer a comment or ask a question about the new site?

A: Please go to our Customer Service page, linked from the top of all our pages, and give us your feedback using the form we have posted there. We'd like to hear from you.