Troy teen vlogger’s reality show starts on HLN

A reality TV show on HLN features Chelsea Crockett of Troy, the teenage founder of BeautyLicious Insider, a YouTube and social media phenomenon. She has more than 100 million views of her video channel and a million subscribers.

The HLN channel, formerly known as Headline News, a partner with CNN, will air the reality show, “BeautyLicious: Offline,” at 9 p.m. Tuesday. Go to hlntv.com for more information, including future schedules.

The first half-hour is called “Beauty, the Beast, and the Brand,” exploring the life of Chelsea Crockett, and her family’s changes as her vlogging business grows.

“My new show gives my viewers a little insight on the life of my family off camera. Most of my subscribers only get a small idea of what my life is like behind the scenes, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to let you in on more of my life. I am extremely blessed for the chance to do so and I am so happy to finally tell you all one of the biggest secrets I’ve ever had to keep!” Chelsea posted on her Facebook page.

“I’ve never done anything TV related, so it’s definitely an adventure in itself,” she said.

Chelsea has built a successful web-based enterprise providing beauty and lifestyle tips for girls. The junior at Triad High School turned 17 on March 2. She is a contributing editor at Seventeen magazine and is considered influential in the Lifestyle brand.

The show will feature her father, Brandon, mom Michelle, brother Chandler, an eighth-grader, and sister Kylie, a sophomore in high school.

The HLN crew filmed at the Crocketts’ Troy home last fall. They also spent time exploring McKendree University, as Chelsea is checking out various colleges. Her future plans include becoming a motivational speaker.

You can also see Chelsea’s information on Facebook and twitter.

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