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What's the state of the state? A state of our making

Two news items last week made us consider the state of our state ahead of our beloved governor’s pending speech of the same name. Gov. Pat Quinn was stumping for expanding the Medicaid program to include housing. State Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, ranked No. 2 on CNN’s all-time celebrity flip-outs for first seeing a 200-page pension reform bill just minutes before the vote.

Quinn wants to create a broad government program that equates shelter with health care for the homeless, ex-cons, those trying to quit smoking and AIDS patients. One AIDS advocate questioned the state’s ability to handle such a large, complex program.

Well, managing the problem is not the point. Appearing to give people something without worrying about the costs, just like the higher minimum wage, is the point. Quinn will hammer at his largesse — in reality a convoluted system of vote buying — as he seeks another term from voters too disengaged to look beneath the facade.

Complex, expensive bills and programs being forced into public life by a few led Bost in 2012 to throw that pension bill into the air and scream, “Enough!”

Well, apparently not.