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When felons tend the flock

Rosanda Suggs: volunteer, public servant, mother, lifelong community member, devoted wife. Rosanda Suggs: felon’s wife, political insider, gorging at the public trough.

No matter what labels you might want to apply to Washington Park’s newest village trustee, you have to wonder whose interests she and the rest of the political family represent. Her husband cannot be a village trustee anymore or a $50,000-a-year St. Clair County probation officer anymore because he was a greedy so-and-so who bilked Medicaid for seven years by falsely claiming he was caring for two people. He faces $250,000 in fines and up to 10 years when sentenced.

So Rosanda, a veteran of Canteen Township and Washington Park village jobs, is replacing him on the village board. Out of 4,200 village residents, they couldn’t find a well-intentioned volunteer mom who wasn’t clueless about her husband’s seven-year fraud scheme?

What’s wrong with that, Mayor Ann Rodgers asks. Well, apparently nothing in Rodgers’ world where the political elite have county jobs and village jobs and township jobs in exchange for getting out the mass votes. When they get in trouble and get out of prison, there’s another public job or consultancy awaiting them.

You take care of your own, regardless of what it costs those you herd to the polls.