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Politics and painful past

Kurt Prenzler, how does it feel to be walking around with that target on your back? Better get used to it. The Madison County Democrats are going to go all out to discredit you while trying to reclaim the treasurer’s seat.

They have questioned Prenzler’s spending on his website and his investing strategy. Now challenger Marleen Suarez is accusing him of putting a political message on tax bills.

The bills include straightforward information about the savings from automated tax payments and the lower tax penalty rate since he took office — items directly related to the operation of his office.

What we suspect they’re really upset about is that Prenzler, a Republican, has reminded taxpayers of the corruption of the past under former Democratic treasurer and felon Fred Bathon. The ruling party doesn’t like that exposure one bit.

It seems to us that the politics worth complaining about happened before Prenzler took office, when Bathon traded campaign contributions for rigged tax auction interest rates. Unfortunately for taxpayers, other Democrats were silent then.