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Some headway over headwind

A little good news came out this week from MidAmerica St. Louis Airport: Allegiant Airlines on Nov. 19 will begin flying twice a week to the St. Petersburg, Fla., area. Better yet, they plan for the flights to continue year-round. Allegiant already flies to the Orlando area, but those flights since 2012 have taken a seven-week break once youngsters are back in school. It will be nice if the demand is there to keep the Florida flights going. And unlike many of the past flights of fancy from MidAmerica, taxpayers are not facing a fiveto seven-figure incentive to get this new service off the ground. The county is dropping the gate fee by $50, which over the course of a year should amount to a reasonable incentive of $5,200. The free parking and small airports linked to MidAmerica make travel a very different experience than what most people are used to out of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, where you can’t seem to get anywhere unless you first go through DFW or O’Hare. We’re glad to see Allegiant recognizing the potential and investing in our area. Seems to us that folks should give MidAmerica a try, especially St. Clair County taxpayers who each year absorb the $1.4 million loss to help keep those gates open.