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Lawsuit just keeps going

Call is the lawsuit that never ends. The case against Phillip Morris, which claims the company deceptively advertised light cigarettes, is headed back to the Illinois Supreme Court. The original trial took place in Madison County in 2003. Clearly when a $10.1 billion verdict is on the line, neither side is willing to call it quits. It would take a lot of charts and graphs to track this case’s twists and turns over more than a decade. Here’s the quick summary: The case is heading back to the Illinois Supreme Court, which previously dismissed the verdict. But the verdict got reinstated after the plaintiffs successfully argued that a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a different cigarette case constituted new evidence. We hope the fact the Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear the case again means that it wants to toss it for a second time. It remains a stretch to think that smokers were fooled into thinking that “light” and “low tar” cigarettes were safer than standard smokes. Cigarettes of all types are potentially cancer causing, and even smokers know that. Regardless of how the state high court rules, this probably isn’t the end of the fight but rather the setup for the next round.