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Stand up and be counted

So, what time will you go to vote today? We suggest you start the day with a time in mind so you won’t be that person who says at 7:05 p.m., “I was too busy to vote.”

This is a critical election that demands your time. Not only is this an election to pick a governor in Illinois, it’s a referendum on the direction this state will take. Do you want the “temporary” income tax to become permanent? Who wins the governor’s race should decide that question. Do you want the state to continue with the status quo, or try a different path to making Illinois a place people want to live and do business? This election should also decide that. And there are a host of other state and county offices to be decided.

Are you satisfied with the condition of Illinois and the metro-east? Are you comfortable with those people who are calling the shots? The incumbents count on the people who say they aren’t satisfied, who want to “throw the bums out,” to stay home on Election Day, and turnout in a midterm election is historically lower than in a presidential year. Incumbents have organized supporters who will show up today, guaranteed.

Do people really want change, or are they just paying lip service to the idea. The turnout will tell the story.

For those people who think their vote doesn’t matter, think again. The political experts are predicting that the governor’s race and the race for the 12th District Congressional seat, currently held by Democrat Bill Enyart, are too close to call. Four years ago, Gov. Pat Quinn won by less than 1 percentage point, about 32,000 votes cast out of more than 3.6 million. This time the margin could be even narrower. So it’s possible that just a vote or two difference in each precinct could decide who wins.

Today you get your say about who’s in charge for the next four years – but you have to make the time; you have to vote.