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Dems can count on these votes

In the high-tech world of elections, the separate East St. Louis election board continues to be a low-tech failure.

U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart conceded his race more than an hour before the East St. Louis board finished compiling its results at 11 p.m. (Enyart got 6,411 votes in East St. Louis to Mike Bost’s 175 and Paula Bradshaw’s 168). If East St. Louis elections were handled by the county as they ought to be, the results wouldn’t get singled out. But the unusually late returns just highlighted East St. Louis voters’ blind loyalty to their Democratic bosses.

State Senate candidate Katherine Ruocco was leading James Clayborne in the rest of the 57th District, but she lost when the East St. Louis votes were added. The vote was overwhelmingly for Clayborne, 6,319 to 418. That’s 93.8 percent.

Didn’t East St. Louis voters see the news reports about how Clayborne abused his office to get jobs for some female acquaintances? Or do they think a politician who secures patronage jobs for his friends should be commended?

Actually, 93.8 percent is low for a Democratic candidate in East St. Louis. Enyart got 94.92 percent of the East St. Louis vote. County Board of Review candidate Charlotte Moore got 97.32 percent. County Clerk Tom Holbrook got 96.64 percent. Treasurer Charles Suarez got 94.34 percent.

No wonder St. Clair County Democrats continue to fund a separate East St. Louis election board even though its existence makes no sense. But that’s about all East St. Louis voters get for their loyalty. No need for politicians to be accountable when the votes are assured in advance.