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Investing is Prenzler’s job

Some Madison County Democrats want to pay a consulting firm $28,500 to find out how to make more interest on the county’s investments. Here’s our free advice to them: Don’t spend money hiring a consultant as the County Board’s finance committee recommended last week. It would be a waste of money.

Treasurer Kurt Prenzler was just re-elected to invest the public’s money, and he has clear priorities about how to invest safely, legally and locally. Chasing higher returns is not on his to-do list. Why pay a consultant when he doesn’t want one and probably wouldn’t follow the advice?

Prenzler could bump up the county’s return by ignoring his own investment guidelines as previous treasurers Fred Bathon and Frank Miles did, but then no doubt the Democrats would be complaining that Prenzler was investing too aggressively and putting the public’s money at unnecessary risk.

Face it, the Democrats are never going to be happy with the job a Republican treasurer does. But don’t penalize the taxpayers because of it.