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Being thankful all year through

“Always look at the bright side of life.”

– Eric Idle, Monty Python

It’s easy to list all the things in life that we wish were different. But today, the day set aside for giving thanks, is the time to consider all that is right in our lives.

It’s not the glass is half full thing; it is more about looking in the mirror, being honest with the reflection and acknowledging the positives.

What if we took this holiday and made it into a lifestyle? Much research has been done and many books written about gratitude, the state of being thankful. Expressing gratitude about our families, our jobs and our community can help improve our physical health and mental outlook. It can make us more open to new ideas and new friendships. It can help improve our lives both at home and on the job.

If enough people cultivated gratitude, it could lead to solutions to the many social and economic issues facing our nation. Instead of complaining that our nation’s best days are over, people would have a deeper appreciation for all America has and continues to provide for us, and an increased willingness to work to expand those blessings.

Give it a try. Today take a moment to jot down a list of people and things for which you are grateful, then write a new list at least once a week. It’s amazing the benefits that can be had by giving thanks all year through.