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Park at your own risk

Within recent weeks I confronted two different violators of a handicapped parking spot. Both times the Belleville Police were called and lo and behold, no tickets were issued to these flagrant violators.

Since the police won’t uphold the law and issue a ticket to these criminals and add much-needed fine money to the county’s coffers, I issue publicly this warning to all offenders: I personally will confront you. If you ignore me or disrespect me, or better yet, turn and walk away from me to enter the store or business, I will follow you and announce to anyone within ear shot that you are a violator of handicapped parking laws.

And if the law is called upon, I will support my decision to be disruptive by showing said violator and or law officer the roles of handicapped parking laws and demand that the officer issue for the record at the very least a warning citation or better yet, minimum $250 to $600 fine.

Now for all the would-be violators who cry foul because I’m stomping on their civil rights toes, think twice about the rights of the handicapped whose space you would acquire illegally.

Bruce Mitzan