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Agreed on correctness

Normally I can’t find anything to agree with in the letters of Jim Walters, but a recent letter was an exception. He was right. Political correctness is out of control.

We find half the murders in this country are by blacks. We also find half of those murdered are black. This usually involves males under 30. This is not what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for in his life. He wanted equality and fairness, not special privilege for blacks. He wanted to uplift people, not give them a handout that would keep them down. He wanted the same law to apply equally to all Americans.

The Ferguson, Mo., case is clear. We have an apparent thug allegedly steal from a store and assault the clerk. Then, he allegedly attacked a police officer in his car and was killed. It would not have been a big issue if the colors were reversed or changed. A black woman from her second floor balcony saw it happen. She reported twice on the news that day she saw Michael Brown struggle in the police car with officer Darren Wilson and heard one or two gunshots in the car. She has not been heard since those reports. I wonder if she is under duress.

Clyde Minish