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Did race matter?

I read BND letter writer Frankie Seaberry‘s quite funny letters often. I have a few questions for her.

•  Didn’t she vote for President Obama because he is black? I bet she did.

• Did she ever try to find out what he stood for besides being a Democrat and black? I bet not.

• Did her idol bow to a foreign dignitary? How dumb was that?

• When her idol takes immigration into his own hands, will anyone in her family lose their job? He really cares for black people, doesn’t he?

Obama’s color never bothered me. I am a white American. I am American first and I have had great black friends. Seaberry’s idol is not capable of being a good president. I would harass him further if I knew those serving him in Washington would give him my letters.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh daily or watch Fox News to learn the truth.

Betty Homyer

Granite City