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Truth trumps politicking

Political candidates who routinely trample on the truth in their campaign ads, meet Ronald Duebbert.

Duebbert, a St. Clair County circuit judge candidate in 2012, is being censured by the state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission for making a false statement in a campaign flier. Duebbert is appealing because he said he didn’t know the statement was false at the time. But a spokesman for the ARDC said that judicial candidates are held to a higher ethical standard.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow hold all candidates accountable for the truthfulness of their ads? It’s so easy now for candidates to use statements out of context or cast an opponent’s record in a false light without consequence. Truth in campaigning really shouldn’t be too much to expect from candidates.

The ARDC spokesman said the Duebbert political censure case was a first. Maybe it will make other candidates think twice before they sign off on an false ad.