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Recognition gets undermined

I know nearly everybody likes to see their name in the paper, but the BND really outdid itself with the recent selection of the high school all-area football teams. In the small school category I counted 14 players named to the first-team offense, including two quarterbacks and three running backs, three receivers, and six linemen.

I don’t know how the BND makes the selections but the goal ought to be the top 11 performers just like you’d put on the field. Further add-ons just serve to confuse the outcome and degrade the recognition.

Ten small school quarterbacks are named across first and second teams plus honorable mention. What does that say for QBs not on the list?

Varsity sports shouldn’t be like my 7-year-old grandson’s rookie baseball team where every player gets an end-of-season trophy. Diluting the pool detracts from well-deserved recognition for the “best of the best.”

The Good Book says, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” That would be a good rule of thumb for future BND selections. Too much of a good thing detracts from the prestige of the intended recognition.

Bill Malec