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The best gifts at Christmas

Fa la la la la, etc. Good morning and Merry Christmas.

Today is the most anticipated day of the year. Children and the young at heart are checking their stockings and looking under the tree for shiny packages. They couldn’t even sleep last night as visions of that special something danced in their heads.

Forget all that. That was 50 years ago. No longer does Ralphie have to pray to get his Red Ryder BB gun. Gifts are rarely based on who’s naughty or nice. Nowadays, Santa’s digital accuracy and drone delivery methods mean that too many folks have already received their gifts or will get exactly what they asked for. No surprises. Nothing to anticipate. No concern about getting a lump of coal. Instant gratification is the new norm.

But the best gifts are sincere. The best gifts are pleasant surprises. The best gifts are not an even trade of checks.

It used to be that hard work not only translated into better results. You were generally rewarded for your effort. Now many people believe they are entitled to receive, without a connection to giving or giving back.

Uglier than entitled holiday revelers demanding instant gratification is when there is an absence of spirituality on this day. Remember the reason for the season, and consider giving one more simple gift today: kind words.