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A new year, a fresh start

“All is quiet on New Year’s Day

A world in white gets underway

Nothing changes on New Year’s Day”

- U2

The Optimist Creed says we should forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. New Year’s Day is the perfect day to do just that: Learn from the past and grow. While we can’t change our past, we can learn from our experiences and adapt our behavior to influence our 2015.

What do you hope and dream for this year? Health? Happiness? Prosperity? Are your hopes and dreams only for yourself, or for others?

A world in white gets underway. The New Year’s canvas is waiting. What will you create in 2015?

This year, for better or for worse, begins with the probability for change.

We hope U2 is wrong about nothing changing this year. Too often things are different, but nothing is new. But if nothing changes, that’s on each of us. Our lives are a series of decisions, actions and reactions. We choose our path. We decide.