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Be cautious, always wear a life vest

Would life vests have saved the lives of Terry Calvert and his 13-year-old grandson Cade Calvert, who drowned at Rend Lake last week? The Franklin County coroner said probably not because the water was so cold and they were wearing heavy clothing.

Still, family and friends of the Calverts no doubt wish they had them on that fateful day. The life vests would have bought the two some time for help to arrive, maybe enough time to save their lives

The law didn’t require that they wear life vests, but doing so is always a wise idea. The Coast Guard says that more than 80 percent of drownings involving boating mishaps could be prevented if only people wore life vests.

The next time someone is tempted to leave a life vest sitting on the seat unused because it’s too bulky or uncomfortable, we hope that person will think of Terry and Cade Calvert and put on the vest after all.