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Confusion wins in Cahokia

We don’t know whether state law fully addresses what to do about a candidate who leaves off “junior” behind his name on the ballot. But there is no doubt that without it, many Cahokia voters will be confused about which Curtis McCall is running for mayor – and that is exactly the idea.

McCall Jr. is running for mayor of Cahokia. McCall Sr., the Centreville Township supervisor, is up for re-election to the Commonfields of Cahokia water board. So two offices, two candidates on the same ballot but just one name. Of course it will cause confusion.

Still, the village election board rejected formal objections and voted 2-1 to leave McCall Jr. on the ballot as just McCall.

McCall Jr.’s attorney Robert Sprague, also the St. Clair County Democratic Party chief, said the election board “did the right thing.” They did the right thing for the “McCall team,” as they call themselves. This ruling promotes the idea that the two candidates are indistinguishable, even though they are running in separate public entities.

The right thing would have been for the McCalls to be clear and list their full names when they filed for office so there could be no confusion.