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No excuse for bank holdups

Easter Jimison’s sad story will no doubt be center stage at her trial for bank burglary, if she doesn’t get a plea deal instead.

Jimison, 37, is the Collinsville housewife accused of demanding money at three banks in the metro-east in a month’s time. Prosecutors are pointing out all the extenuating circumstances; a good defense attorney will latch onto those to get her a light sentence:

She didn’t have a weapon and never said she did. She broke down crying during the second robbery and said she couldn’t go through with it. She allegedly told the teller she needed money to pay the rent.

But all the explanations in the world don’t change the seriousness of this crime. That’s why the law sets the maximum sentence at 20 years for each crime whether or not there was a weapon. If she couldn’t go through with the second holdup, she allegedly got over that five days later.

Many people can’t pay their rent, but their solution isn’t to go out and rob banks, plural. Sorry, but we don’t have much sympathy for Easter Jimison.