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Township has explaining to do

Swansea and St. Clair Township officials say that a new sewer contract with a two-tiered rate plan is equitable to all, but township residents might want to attend a town hall meeting on Wednesday to hear find out exactly how that could be. If they don’t ask now, they probably will want to know after the higher bills start showing up on March 1.

Maybe the rates, set to help pay for Swansea’s $22 million sewer plant expansion, are indeed fair to everyone, but we doubt it will seem that way to township residents who live outside the village limits. Even though the sewer service will be the same for all users, township residents outside the village limits will pay substantially more a month than their neighbors in Swansea. If Swansea residents’ sewer rates go up in the future, township residents’ rates will go up 1.3 times that amount.

It’s easy to see why Swansea likes this deal, but how is it in the township’s best interest?

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at Whiteside Middle School in Belleville.