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Justice eludes murder victim

Torcus Boone said the justice system worked for him this week. He was found not guilty of a 2013 murder by a St. Clair County jury.

Maybe, as Boone proclaimed afterward, he had the best attorneys and jurors in the world. Or maybe the evidence against him just wasn’t enough to merit a conviction.

It’s hard to fathom that two men could walk up to someone outside a club as other people milled about, fire 17 gunshots and have the murder caught on surveillance tape and not get caught. But St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly said he knew this would be a difficult case from the start; the second shooter had his face obscured with a cloth. Kelly had a witness who identified Boone as the second shooter, but little else.

If a prosecutor thinks someone is guilty, he is right to take the case to trial even if the evidence is weak. But if jurors think there’s reasonable doubt about a person’s guilt, they also are right to find that person innocent.

None of that is any comfort to the family and friends of Kenneth Richards, the 20-year-old who was killed that night. There still is no justice for him.