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Lesson learned: Stay vigilant

Granite City High School leaders and students had to take a surprise test last week; fortunately they were prepared and passed with high marks.

A student brought a gun and ammunition to school and stowed them in his locker; it’s not clear why or what he planned to do, although reportedly he was upset. Clearly the potential for tragedy existed that day.

Another student noticed the gun and notified school officials. Officials then questioned the student who brought the gun and recovered it without incident. Whew. They immediately alerted parents about what happened, and ensured that students stayed calm and in class.

This is a reminder to parents, students and educators of the importance of staying vigilant. Did the student bring the gun from home? Parents who keep guns in the house should check again that they are safely locked away.

Maybe nothing would have happened if the gun hadn’t been removed, but thank goodness the people in school that day never had to find out.