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Someone must balance the budget

It’s amazing to watch Illinois Democratic lawmakers act shocked at Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget and complain it is callous and irresponsible. They really do protest too much.

What’s irresponsible is that the Democrats let Illinois get billions upon billions of dollars into debt. They hold supermajorities in the House and Senate - have for years - and controlled the governor’s mansion until January. They could have cut back on spending, made the temporary income tax increase permanent or raised other taxes at any time. Instead they continued allowing lavish giveaways and pensions the state couldn’t afford and dug the hole ever deeper.

Rauner brings bold, decisive leadership. He isn’t worried about winning his next election; his focus is making Illinois competitive again. That begins with a balanced budget.

Now Democrats are again talking about raising taxes to avoid such deep cuts. We agree with Rauner, lawmakers need to reform the way they do business before they think about taking anymore money out of the taxpayers’ pockets.