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Don’t fall for Exelon bailout

Good old Exelon. The company has come up with legislation to subsidize its nuclear reactors, get electric users throughout the state to pay for it and claim it’s in the interest of clean energy.

State lawmakers need to see this bill for the dirty trick it is and kill it.

A 2 percent surcharge would be added to people’s electric delivery charge, generating an estimated $300 million a year. The way the bill is written, virtually all that money would go to Exelon for its nuclear power plants. Perhaps the surcharge could be justified if the money were going to create new low-carbon energy sources, although we’re not sure even then. But in this case electric users would be paying more even though nothing new would be created.

Exelon said the bill would help ensure the continued operation of the nuclear power plants, which supposedly would help keep electric prices low. But there’s nothing to prevent the company from shutting down one or two of the reactors.

This isn’t energy policy, this is picking a winner – Exelon – at the expense of consumers. As we said, kill this bill.