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PACHECO — Beatriz Pacheco and Nolberto Castro-Carrillo of Fairmont City, a girl, March 3.

JACQUOT — Michelle Jacquot and Phillip Linnemeier of Swansea, a girl, March 4.

HULL — Nina and Justin Hull of Mascoutah, a girl, March 4.

BLANFORD — Elizabeth Flanford and David Kilzer of New Athens, a boy, March. 5.

GINES — Shannon Gines of Belleville, a girl, March 6.

TIKKANEN — Ashley and Tristan Tikkanen of New Baden, a girl, March 6.


NETEMEYER — Laura and Matthew Netemeyer of Aviston, a girl, Feb. 12.

LINDAHL — Amanda and Quinton Lindahl of Greenville, a girl, Feb. 13.

O’HERON — Lindsey and Kevin O’Heron of Centralia, a boy, Feb. 13.

JONES — Michayla Jones of Greenville, a boy, Feb. 14.

BROWN — Cynthia and Thomas Brown of Carlyle, a girl, Feb. 17.

ALBERS — Jaclyn and Travis Albers of Carlyle, a boy, Feb. 17.

HECKMAN — Kelsey and Jason Heckman of Greenville, a girl, Feb. 19.

KLEIBOEKER — Brittany and Jeff Kleiboeker of Carlyle, a boy, Feb. 20.

REYNOLDS — Heather and Danny Reynolds of St. rose, a girl, Feb. 20.

ATCHISON — Brittany Atchison of Centralia, a girl Feb. 22.

HUBERT — Ashley and Justin Hubert of Albers, a girl, Feb. 23.

RICE — Brittany Rice of Okawville, a boy, Feb. 23.

VAUGHT — Tara Vaught of Trenton, a boy, Feb. 24.

CURRAN — Sierra Curran of Highland, a boy, Feb. 26.

KINDER — Katie and Christain Kinder of Nashville, a boy, Feb. 26.

HEMKER — Shelly and Kevin Hemker of Bartelso, a girl, Feb. 26.

ELMORE — Katie Elmore of Trenton, a girl, Feb. 26.

RENSCHEN — Carrilyn and Jonathan Renschen of Trenton, a girl, Feb. 27.

KUHN — Ashley and Jay Kuhn of Vernon, a boy, Feb. 28.

HUND — Kayla and Zachary Hund of Nashville, a boy, March 3.

SCHOMAKER — Alissa and Ross Schomaker of Nashville, a girl, March 3.

KEEVEN — Jennifer and John Keeven of Breese, a girl, March 5.

DIENL — Mackinsey Dienl of Centralia, a boy, March 6.

JOHNSON — Sara and Mitch Johnson of Shobonier, a boy, March 7.

FREY — Jenna and Cory Frey of Highland, a girl, March 8.

KORTE — Mallory and Chris Korte of Aviston, a boy, March 8.

MOLLET — Brooke and Craig Mollet of St. Rose, a girl, March 8.

TIMM — Brandi Timm of Salem, a boy, March 8.

DUMSTORFF — Jamie and Patrick Dumstorff of Germantown, a boy, March 9.

PLOCHER — Courtney Plocher of Granite City, a girl, March 9.

TUCKER — Jolynn and Jason Tucker of Breese, a girl, March 9.

CAIN — Misty and Kevin Cain of Patoka, a girl, March 10.