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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



308 N. Virginia Ave.; from Kate’s Properties LLC; to Main Street Redevelopers LLC; $78,000.

5235 Douglas Road; from Daniel Spangler and Kathy Spangler; to Stephen Patterson and Deborah Patterson; $230,000.

1805 Centerville Ave.; from Steven V. Bampbell; to Claire Smith; $65,000.

16 Glencoe Drive; from Nicole Vernier; to BBM Investments LLC; $60,000.

1818 Spruce Drive; from James R. Dailey and Terri L. Dailey; to Robert L. Bradshaw and Shirley Bradshaw; $164,000.

1919 East Belle Ave.; from Charles Randell Monaghan; to Richard A. Sumeier, as Successor; $11,000.

205 Goalby Drive; from Margaret McKinney; to Susan Boeckman; $70,000.

3271 Stonebridge Drive; from Marvian J. Johnson; to Nathaniel Kullmann; $177,000.

100 S. Michigan Ave.; from Oscar R. Gain and Sandra K. Gain; to Janeco Investments Inc.; $20,000.

3129 Roan Hill Drive; from Heartland Home Builders; to Dan King and Ashley King; $261,000.

25 Bluff Drive; from Michael J. Karr; to Richard Hopson and Seren Hopson; $124,500.

120 Country Club Place; from Sekou Kelsey; to Melanie Nichols; $135,000.

302 N. 41st St.; from Mark A. Schmitt and Mary A. Schmitt; to Sarah L. Littlejohn; $54,000.

3325 W. A St.; from James J. Muren and Barbara A. Muren; to Michael Stasiak II; $69,000.

105 S. 44th St.; from Peter Bily; to City of Belleville; $42,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


1901 Doris Ave.; from EP Enterprise LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $22,500.

1901 Doris Ave.; from Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; to Tracht Homes LLC; $33,000.


1017 Far Oaks Drive; from Stanley Templeton and Linda Templeton; to Thomas Tribout and Joy Tribout; $415,000.


602 Greenwood; from Amy Jo Czarnecki; to Bruce W. Patrick and Andrew J. Bartlett; $22,000.

206 Echowood; from Jason T. Forys and Jessie J. Forys; to Sean Gorman and Kyla Waltermire; $149,000.

8 Woodbind Court; from Bennie J. Campbell and Virginia L. Campbell; to Daniel Vanderiet Sr. and Brenda K. Vanderiet; $185,000.

324 Hillside Drive; from Cindy J Sims; to Zachary R. Brusewitz; $168,000.


6204 Old Collinsville Road; from Su Han Kim; To Ryan M. Doyle; $84,000.

9112 Bunkum Road; from Anthony M. Randazzo and Lauren Randazzo; to Jason L. Brigman; $122,000.


120 State Route 13, Cockrell Dredging Inc.; to Helen Hunter Trust; $22,000.


9914 Citation Court; from George Mokriakow and Jessica Mokriakow; to Marc C. Nelson and Anna N. Nelson; $193,500.

7212 Brickyard Road; from Amanda L. Kohring; to Joseph Stukenberg and Christina Berry; $310,000.


774 Emerald Green Drive; from Caleb Thompson and Jessica Thompson; to Kolby Davis and Krystal Davis; $143,500.

9832 & 9834 Evan Drive; from Jea Investments LLC; to Ryan Moshtagh and Jana Gass; $181,500.

305 E. Adams St.; from Carmen M. Haffer; to Travis Agar; $107,000.

412 Ponderosa Ave.; from Avery Holdings I Inc.; to David A. Ferguson; $130,000.

414 E. Second St.; from Karen L. Morton; to Stephanie L. Morton; $96,000.

126 Cobblestone Hills; from Joe Verbeck and Janet R. Verbeck; to Adrian Barcus and Katrina Bergman; $412,500.

331 Woodford Park Drive; from Larry H. Blue Jr.; to Michael D. Hagen; $194,000.

401 Fairwood Hills Road; from Vision Relocation Group; to Jeremy A. Patrick and Cynthia D. Patrick; $210,000.

330 W. State St.; from James L. Lickenbrock and Linda A. Lickenbrock; to Gary J. Wenkel and Lisa M. Wenkel; $80,000.

310 Emily Drive; from Bradley J. Martini and Kimberly Martini; to Harry O. Dunmire Jr. and Alecia R. Dunmire; $198,000.

1013 Buran Drive; from Charles Hall; to Tyesha Staton; $173,500.


2735 Cascade Lake Drive; from Joan F. Wampler; to William E. Mills and Elsie N. Mills; $215,000.


749 W. H St.; from Ruth D. Petri; to Benjamin Lucas Martin; $90,000.

252 Mimosa Ave.; from Charles J. WArd; to Lyndon J. Joost and Elaine M. Joost; $134,000.

101 Jardin Court; from Marie R. Landry and Sandra Landry Wilson; $146,500.



3614 Horn St.; from Thomas R. Conroy and Judith R. Conroy; to Brittany Thatcher; $76,000.

3400 Oakwood Ave.; from Cecil W. Newberry and Eva A. Newberry; to Kyle Fenstermaker and Kari Fenstermaker; $85,000.


510 Montana St.; from Jeremy E. Paul and Saori Paul; to Michael Johnson and Marianne Johnson; $92,500.


18 Wagon Wheel Court; from Fannie Mae; to Kevin Louis Pulley; $112,000.


1842 Esic Drive; from Richard Gedmin and Jillene Docter; to Lauren Votava and Benjami E. Poettgen; $163,500.


10 Julie Drive; from Paula S. Davis; to Jeff Schrimer and Emily Schrimer; $142,000.

505 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Adam R. Reeves and Sarah J. Reeves; $314,500.

107 Crystal Gate Lane; from Donald E. Smith and Anne L. Early; to Michael Burroughs and Pamela Burroughs; $247,000.


5113 Whitsell Way; from Michelle L. Hosty; to Joshua Albert; $137,500.

1627 Olive St.; from Paul S. Hummel and Crutis L. Hummel; to Harry Chronister and Connie Chronister; $25,000.

2508 Northbridge Court; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Gilmore Properties Investments Lts.; $29,000.

2204 Cottage Ave.; from David Wilmsmeyer and JEnnifer Wilmsmeyer; to Susan M. Glass; $68,500.

3216 Wayne Ave.; from Christopher E. Mouldon; to Nicholas Garner and Chelsey Garner; $71,000.

2422 Grand Ave.; from Brenda L. Ballance; to Robert E. Crane and Marie Crane; $80,000.


2901 Hilltop Drive; from Hal D. Holloway and Judith D. Holloway; to Karen Leadbetter; $110,000.

1007 8th St.; from Tut Tut Properties LLC; to Paris Properties LLC; $302,500.

325 Hampton Court; from Bronica Toler and Robert Toler; to Calvin Potthast and Stephanie Harris; $163,000.


2016 Kensington Place; from Jerry D. Mocaby; to Jamie Betzinger; $230,000.

8739 Cardinal Creek Drive; from Aaron’s Custom Home Construction Inc.; to Claudia R. Cass and Jason Cass; $290,000.


325 Orchard Court; from Janet L. Wilson; to Jennifer Sutton and Robert Sutton; $120,000.

309 S. Main St.; from Fannie Mae; to Matt Foree; $81,500.

45 Cedarbrooke Court; from Feng Jiang and Li Qian; to Aaron Davis; $166,500.

8625 Blackjack Hollows Lane; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Darren Laskowski and Lisa Laskowski; $344,000.

8030 Austin Drive; from Dennis D. Jones and Linda R. Jones; to Matthew T. Wilkerson and Angela J. Wilkerson; $215,000.

707 Merlin Court; from Russell E. Hunt and Tracy Hunt; to Melissa Smith; $96,500.


7517 Pinnacle Drive; from Don Noascono and Nancy Noascono; to Robin Brown and Ashley Brown; $225,000.