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A botched appointment

Gov. Bruce Rauner has egg on his face after the short-lived appointment of Richard Burrow III to the state’s Health Facilities and Services Review Board.

First Rauner made the poor judgment of appointing O’Fallon resident Burrow weeks before a key vote on the controversial St. Elizabeth’s Hospital’s plan to move from Belleville to O’Fallon. Did a metro-east Republican push him to make this appointment? If so, he gave Rauner bad political advice.

Burrow could be the fairest, most objective person in the world, but his address would have made any vote he cast on this project suspect. It would have been equally problematic if Rauner had appointed someone who lived in Belleville.

Then it turns out that Burrow didn’t even meet state eligibility requirements. How does the governor’s staff miss that during the vetting process? Eligibility should have been determined before the appointment, not after. Did the staff not know the law, or did they hope no would care? Either way they let Rauner look inept – not what a new governor needs.