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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



1810 W. Main St.; from Edward Hock and Kathleen Hock; to Gary McGee and Kim McGee; $42,500.

316 Pleasant Hill Drive; from Doris Claxton, Surviving Tenant by the entirety of James Claxton, Deceased; to Robert Strauder; $5,500.

108 Westhaven Meadows; from Peter Straube and Melissa Straube; to The Bank of Edwardsville as Trustee; $170,000.

47 Magnolia Drive; from Stephen D. Sullivan and Rebecca J. Sullivan; to Christopher Kadlick and Elizabeth Kadlick; $126,000.

121 Dorchester Drive; Pamela J. Brunshwiler, Trustee; to Scott Jacob and Beth Jacob; $43,500.

204 Ridgewood Drive; from Gregory A. Lawrence and Sherrie L. Lawrence; to Emily L. Hundt; $119,000.

4184 Ashwood Lane; from Gary Lee and Marvina Lee; to Frankl Winslow and Pamela Winslow; $313,500.

1232 N. 17th St.; from Christopher Yale and Michelle Yale; to Amy Crawford; $69,500.

4 Chavant Court; from Edward M. Dulin; to Deandre C. Jones; $171,500.

1831 Roosevelt; from Tina L. McConnell; to Bryan Clark; $67,000.


1412 Suttle Court; from Justine Petersen Housing & Investment Corp.; to Kimberly S. Allen; $63,500.

717 Mildred Ave.; from Bethany Stanfield; to CRInvestments LLC; $30,000.


717 George St.; from Cory Cooper; to Dustin Adams and Krista Adams; $85,000.


810 Briadwood Court; from Bradley A. Becker; to Greg Barks; $149,500.


420 N. 4th St.; from Jennifer B. Cooper aka Jennifer B. Brizzi; to Stephanie L. Henke; $94,000.


5209 Bonita Blvd.; from Merritt E. Woolridge; to Jonathan J. Early; $110,000.

312 Pleasant Ridge Road; from Helen Luberda, Jacqueline Hart, Daniel Luberda, Judith Feg; to William Peach and Carol Peach; $100,000.

205 Roselawn Ave.; from Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob; to Chris Oberhellmann, Donna Oberhellmann, Daniell Hannah; $76,000.

5709 Jakes Place Lane; from Allen Kreke; to Joshua W. Resmann and Rachael P. Resmann; $125,000.

9170 Bunkum Road; from William F. Rensing; to John Underwood and Patricia Underwood; $45,000.


210 N. Walnut St.; from Tony Laminack and Deborah Laminack; to Jason Laminack; $70,000.


9648 Winchester St.; from Shannon Hughes and Sandra Hughes; to Beau N. Marlow; $230,000.

410 Opal Court; from Colin M. Bronge and Cortney D. Bronge; to Amanda Kohring; $207,000.

1101 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to David Lorig and Brooke Zell Lorig; $220,000.

1120 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Richard Callahan and Ashley Callahan; $210,000.

1126 Hackberry Drive; from Desiree Ray; to Sunrise Acquisitions LLC; $80,000.

40 W. Poplar St.; from Neil G. McElligott and Sandra N. McElligott; to David A. Henss and Melyssa L. Henss; $155,000.

114 E. Green St.; from John C. Smith and Rebecca Setzer; to Rachel Maue; $107,000.


6132 Triple Lakes Road; from Sandra Sue Zera; to Tyler Lobstein; $93,000.

425 Traver Tine Circle; from JL Schaefer Construction Inc.; to Don Mertz and Deborah Mertz; $379,500.

5512 Boihleysville Road; from Rebecca Demond; to Nancy K. Glaeser; $273,500.


302 Hughes St.; from Danny Osborn and Carolyn Osborn; to James R. Osborn Jr.; $82,000.

104 N. Johnson St.; from Stephanie Foster and Jesse Foster; to SIRVA Relocation LLC; $78,000.


763 Kelley Drive; from Micheal T. Oberbroeckling; to John C. Lucas Jr.; $142,000.

715 Dustin Lane; from Stephen A. Newlon and Dilek Newlon; to Mark R. Morton and Lauren Thompson; $216,500.

1006 W. Madison Lane; from Grant M. Inneo; to Michael D. Shewmaker and Jessica Birkner; $89,000.

316 E. 4th St.; from William A. Donato and Patricia R. Donato; to Derek D. Donato; $43,000.

419 Ponderosa Drive; from Marie L. Hasty; to James M. Leach and Bethany A. Leach; $27,000.


110 St. Sabre Drive; from Steve Sutherland and Cheryl R. Sutherland; to Michael D. Hogan and Stacie Hogan; $205,000.

4059 Gentry Lane; from Jill S. Erickson; to David A. Comelia; $87,000.

3905 Michael John Drive; from Amelia K. Brummitt; to Edward M. Dulin; $178,500.

13 Kingsbury Drive; from Neal N. Sauls; to T. LeChien, Trustee of 13 Kingsbury Land Trust; $49,000.



5425 State Route 4; Delores M. Buske and Vernon E. Buske; to Gregory S. Holman and Ruth A. Holman; $171,500.


218 E. 6th St.; from Michael McNamara and Rachel McNamara; to Mary L. Brand; $205,000.

3424 Agnes Blvd.; from Susan K. McElroy Linksvayer; to Julie A. Dargatz; $80,000.

1205 Hazel Drive; from Champion Mortgage Company; to Tycon Builders LLC; $22,000.


131 Virginia St.; from Fannie Mae; to Julie A. Phillips; $78,000.

236 Gabrielle Circle; from Schreiber Farms LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $25,000.

136 Gabrielle Circle; from C A Jones; to Lacey Heineman and Cory M. Heinemann; $231,000.


1375 McDonough Lake Road; from Mark J. Eavenson and Barbara Eavenson; to Eavenson Development LLC; $550,000.

112 Crestmoor St.; from Curt W. Linton and Connie A. Linton; to John J. Adrian II and Emily R. Adrian; $223,000.

684 Oak Trail; from John W. Maher II and Angie L. Maher; to Jared R. Snider and Sophia L. Campbell; $141,000.


205 E. Airwood Drive; from Tricia A. Cole; to Stephen J. Huch and Jessica A. Huch; $145,000.

570 Sitze Drive; from Kimberly R. Phillips and Chris J. Phillips; to Dustin Wilsonand Krystal Wilson; $68,000.

621 E. Airwood Drive; from Rebecca Wright; to Matthew C. Mourning; $125,000.


7043 Alston Court; from Michael McKelvey and Anita McKelvey; to Michael R. Blakemore; $409,000.

Marine Road; from Catherine Hartnagel and Janey Hamilton, et al; to Jason L. Askew and Lee Ann Dunker; $36,000.

839 Madison; from Shawn M. Seibert; to Kristin F. Spohr and Frank W. Spohr; $132,000.

220 Seminole St.; from Melinda Gentry; to David M. Goldschmidt; $28,000.

4642 Old Bohm Road; from Virginia Burgess and Edward W. Burgess; to Todd Meznarsic and Misty Sherfy; $160,000.

4001 Sequoia Drive; from Bradley J. Sommer and Lydia M. Sommer; to David Schultheis and Carrie D. Schultheis; $250,000.

112 N. Kansas St.; from Mark A. Unnerstall; to Gotham Holding LLC; $145,000.

171 E. High St.; from Brenda Baum; to Anthony D. Ambuel and Betsy D. Ambuel; $130,000.


106 Rosebud Lane; from Joseph L. Bowers and Heather Bowers; to Tom W. Shirrell and Jennifer B. Shirrell; $169,000.

420 Keller St.; from Diane M. Berigan and Dana L. Emmons; to Joseph M. Wilcut and Marsha L. Wilcut; $78,000.


1516 Clark Ave.; from Rhonda McFarland, Brenda L. Zaitz, Phyllis J. Allen; to Paul F. Cope III; $75,000.

1611 Clark Ave.; from Frank L. Laub IV an Deanne M. Laub; to Rickey A. Shelton, Eleanor Shelton, Ellen F. Woods; $123,000.


2340 Hickory Hill Lane; from Judith C. Simmons and John G. Simmons; to Celia Cusanelli; $230,000.

80 Sunfish Drive; from Christopher M. Schneider and Pamela M. Schneider; to Robert L. Toler and Bronica J. Toler; $150,000.

85 Black Wolf Run; from Tina M. Revermann; to Brent N. Grodeon and Glenda J. Grodeon; $225,000.

13427 St. Rose Road; from Emma Jean Braun and Robert Braun; to Terence T. Isaak and Tina M. Isaak; $182,500.

65 Liberty Lane; from Wellen Homes Inc.; to Joseph E. Dean and Tamela S. Dean; $297,000.

13234 Trestle Road; from Thomas H. Robards and Jeanne L. Robards; to Larry Volkmar; $635,000.

25 Briarwood St.; from Stone Financing Inc.; to John A. Baudino and Kristie Baudino; $218,000.


150 N. Duncan St.; from Wick Racing Products Inc.; to Pro Peformance Inc.; $30,000.


6749 Oxford Lane; from Arlene Bertoglio, Michael A. Bertoglio, Gregory E. Bertoglio, Deborah M. Bertoglio, Joseph Bertoglio; to Claudia S. Murphy; $226,000.


325 Rohm Place; from Robert D. Noble and Phyllis L. Noble; to Eric N. Noble and Stacey Y. Noble; $32,000.


8755 Cardinal Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Larry Ulrich; $50,500.


319 N. Kimberlin St.; from Frank Netemeyer and Cynthia Netemeyer; to Todd S. Lindow; $115,000.

1228 Chalmers Drive; from Scott E. Osborn and Brooke L. Owsborn; to Lee Rodriguez; $312,500.

128 Ridge Crossing Lane; from John T. Medved and Angela M. Medved; to Ryan M. Jones and Nicola J. Poole; $279,000.

117 Windsor Drive; from Tasha Wolters and Eric Wolters; to Brett L. Ellington and Shirley C. Ellington; $333,000.

9 Bullseye Drive; from Ronald J. Busche and Renee A. Busche; to Allen A. Schmelzer and Talitha Schmelzer; $289,000.

1405 Martin Drive; from Brian K. Hindelang and Rachel R. Hindelang; to Juliette G. Delguidice; $205,000.

308 E. Market St.; from Rebecca A. Vansoyk; to Evan C. Vanscoyk; $107,000.


150 Carringer Place; from Beverly Foster and Thomas J. Foster; to Jacqueline M. Brown; $55,000.

201 Colonial Court; from Robert H. Royse and Laura J. Royse; to Robert W. Thompson Jr. and Kelly S. Thompson; $256,500.



926 Hillcrest Drive; from Debra E. Cochran and Robert L. Hill; to Dana L. Lechner and James R. Lechner; $145,000.

14 Seminole Drive; from Gary L. Lorenz and Michaletz Lorenz; to Brian Monheiser; $309,000.

158 Glendell Drive; from James E. Harres, Jeffrey L. Harres, Roberta L. Harres, Deceased, Susan Harres Wessel; to Jason Ade; $137,000.

1635 Shadow Ridge; from Country Crossing Land Trust II, Larry Hoff, Trustee; to Jamie P. Klopmeyer and Matthew P. Klopmeyer; $50,000.


1765 G Road; from Albert E. Diemert Jr. and Mary E. Diemert; to Justin T. Braun and Katherine S. Braun; $102,000.


6630 Lee Drive; from Christine L. Cinciripini; to Andrew K. O’Guin and Stephanie M. O’Guin; $268,000.

6621 Gladel Drive; from Dawn R. Lawrence and Stanley W. Lawrence; to Cynthia L. Curran-Gramm and Gordon S. Gramm; $181,000.

413 Covington Drive; from Dennis R. Brand and Virginia L. Brand; to Ashley E. Zweigart and Christopher R. Zweigart; $43,500.

307 Morrison Ave.; from Anna C. Carr; to Kristine T. Hochstatter; $141,500.

H Road & Goeddel Town Road; from Leon L. Biffar Farm Inc.; to Donald P. Weilbacher; $227,500.

5410 LRC Road; from Gary M. Hayes; to Hyon H. Kwak and Thyra Meghan Kwak; $279,000.