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No room to talk about Rauner

Labor unions are furious with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, which may explain how one union leader failed to hear how hypocritical she sounded.

Rauner last week ordered that the state hold onto the fees that nonunion members must pay until the courts decide whether the fees are constitutional. That had Roberta Lynch, the executive director of AFSCME, the largest state workers union, calling Rauner’s action “a legally questionable scheme.”

Wait, it’s a scheme for him, but it’s not a scheme for the unions to force nonmembers to pay about $575 a year? The unions argue that nonmembers still get the benefit of collective bargaining. It may be that workers who aren’t in a union should have their salaries and benefits decided separately. Of course, the unions wouldn’t want that. They would lose about $3.74 million a year.

The legally questionable part is whether workers should be forced to help prop up an organization against their will. Rauner hasn’t stopped the withholding, he’s just setting the money aside for safekeeping. That sounds reasonable and responsible.