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Cahokia village president candidate: Gary Cornwell

Name: Gary Cornwell

City of residence: Village of Cahokia

Age: 47

Family status: Married 22 years, three children, one grandchild

Education: Cahokia High School 1985, Southwest Illinois College

Occupation: Mayor, Village of Cahokia

Political party: Democrat

Office sought: Mayor

Campaign e-mail: Not provided

Previously held offices: Democratic Precinct Committeeman for eight years

What qualifies you for this position?

“As a lifelong resident of Cahokia, I am passionate about progress for our residents. Economic development, job creation, public safety and a sound infrastructure are a priority in order to achieve that goal. It is my pledge to continue improvements in Cahokia, to be a good steward of tax dollars, and work hard every day, so that we can leave behind a better, stronger Cahokia that will benefit our current and future residents.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“Vote fraud is at a high level in this election. Do not sell your vote. Do not give your absentee ballot to anyone. If you are harassed or pressured for your vote, call the Police Department and stand up for yourself and your community. Keep progress going in the village by supporting the Pride in Cahokia Party.”